The Bridge


Play on Escher´s pictures


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The Bridge is a puzzle and platform game with very similar mechanics to `And Yet it Moves´. In it we will have to overcome a series of levels that reminds strongly to the artist M.C.Escher´s famous pictures.

To finish each level we will have to go through a door which will often be locked. To open it will have to either use the key itself, or use a stone to set off a mechanism. But of course... doing this will not be easy at all while we´re turning the world at the same time.

This is because the basic mechanics of the game will make us have to turn the world to get from one place to another and play with the physics of the objects on the stage.

The Bridge is an independent game with a fantastic visual section; it has Xbox 360 control port, its own achievements system and enough levels to keep us entertained for a few hours.

We can only play a few levels.

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